Smoke-Free Incentive


Earl Stewart pays his employee's $1,000 if they can remain smoke-free for at least a year.  Over the last several years many employees have won this award.  All you need to do is acknowledge your official START DATE to Earl Stewart and remain smoke-free for 1 year.

Jorge Rocha receives $1,000 Non-Smoking Award!

Betty Bowles

Betty Bowles receives $1,000 Non-Smoking Award!
Betty Bowles

January 6, 2010

Russ Aspenwall receives $1,000 Non-Smoking Award!

Laura receives $1,000 Non-Smoking Award!

Laura receives $1,000 check

November 14, 2004

Josh Stewart receives $1,000 Non-Smoking Award!

Please join me in congratulating Josh’s TWO great accomplishments this weekend.  

Yesterday was exactly ONE YEAR ago when he stopped smoking. Josh has won our company prize of $1,000 for any team member who quits smoking for one year.  

At 10:20 AM this morning, Josh crossed the finish line of the first Marathon of the Palm Beaches. Josh ran TWENTY-SIX miles in a pouring rain and gusty winds that forced many others to fall by the wayside. Not only was this his first marathon, but the furthest he had run in training was 17 miles! His legs were cramping and his shoes were water logged but he did not give up. Josh’s time for his first twenty-six mile run was 4 hours, twenty minutes. 

Be proud of your team mate Josh and let him be a role model to all of us for his courage, focus, and commitment. Needless to say, I am about as proud as a father can be. I am very lucky to have such a son.

Jay Adelston receives $1,000 Non-Smoking Award... AGAIN?

 Several others that have received $1,000

Jay quit several years ago and got the $1,000 award but the urge got him back on a bad and costly habit.  This time he's quitting for good... at least this will be his last time he'll be eligible for the award money so we sure hope so!  Good luck this time Jay, we're all rooting for ya!

Previous Winners of the $1,000 Non-Smoking Award!

Jake, held by Earl Stewart, was there for moral support and of course has never smoked! :)

Several others that have received $1,000