Contest Rules

All employees are invited to join the Annual Earl Stewart Weight Watchers Open.  The entry fee is $10 per month, matched by the companyAll proceeds will be paid to the winning participants.  Participants will agree to give the company authorization to deduct $10 per month from their paychecks.  You may drop out after any complete month for any reason and the $10 payroll deduction will stop, (hopefully it will be because you attained your goal.)

The purpose of this program is to improve our health and longevity.

I know you have all read in the paper or seen on TV, the news that most Americans are overweight and this is a greater cause of death, disease, and missed work than smoking.

The Official Weigh-In Scale is located in the conference room.  The first weigh-in will also be the month end weigh-in on the last Friday of every month.  Please be consistent with your monthly weigh-in, (if you weigh-in with shoes when you started then please continue to weigh-in with shoes, etc.)  Also you MUST have an Official weigh-in at the End of the Month to qualify for the following month's contest.  In other words you cannot combine 60 days and still qualify for a month contest.  This contest is based on "Continual Weight Loss" which means new weight loss, you cannot lose 10, gain 10, then lose 10 and qualify for 10 pounds lost for that month.  An example would be the following:  Starting the contest weighing in at 200 pounds.  First month you lost 10 pounds and qualified as the biggest loser for that month.  Next month you gained 8 pounds back and now weigh 198 pounds.  The third month you lost 12 pounds and now weigh 186 or 14 pounds from contest start of 200 pounds.  You would only have 4 pounds that qualify for that month since you previously lost 10 of those 14 pounds prior during the contest, (similar to lost yardage counting towards a first down in a football game.)  Of course you would show 14 pounds lost YTD which goes to the Yearly winner for most weight lost.  Simply stated, "Flip Flops" from month to month will not qualify for weight lost monthly. 

Winners will be determined by the most weight loss for that month based on the conditions listed above.  Three winners will be chosen each month, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

  • 75% of the total proceeds collected each month will be paid out to the top three weight loss contestants for that month, (monies divided by 75% of total month proceeds collected, then 1st place = 50%, 2nd place = 30% and 3rd place = 20%.) 

Depending on the official starting date of the contest, January, February, etc. will determine the total number of months of the contest ending in late December.  The most weight loss by one of the contestants for that year will receive the 25% reserve acquired during those months.*


Let's assume that we'll have 25 participants and an 11 month contest.  The monthly TAKE is $250 from employees and $250 from the company, $250+$250=$500.  $500x75%=$375 to be divided by the three highest weight loss contestants for that month.  In this example at the end of year/contest $1,375 would be awarded to the overall winner.

Simply speaking, if a contestant loses weigh consistently over the months and has the most weigh lost over any other contestant, that contestant will win the contest for the year!  Just like the tortuous and the hare race, you could win in the end!  After all, it's all about weight loss and your health.